Mississippi State Department of Health

The environment where people are born, grow, live, work, play, learn and age have a significant impact on the health outcomes of individuals and their communities.

Mississippi is a focal point for health disparities caused by economic, social and educational differences. Better health for all depends on bridging these gaps, starting with strong communities committed to all their members.

Minorities are less likely to get the preventive care needed to stay healthy, less likely to receive quality care, and more likely to face poorer health outcomes. Healthier communities mean lower health care costs, a more productive populace, and a higher quality of life throughout the community.

The Social Forces That Create Health

By addressing the social determinants of health, we can strengthen the foundation of better health.

Safe neighborhoods let people move freely where they live.

Quality housing maintains health where it matters most.

Reliable transportation creates access to health for all.

Clean surroundings keep people healthy when they move, work and play.

Access to nutritious food for all reduces the community burden of disease.

Stable employment helps maintain strong health practices.

High quality education puts the essentials of healthy decision making in the hands of everyone.

Make your work in the community a bridge across disparities of all kinds to create better health for all.

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